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My Top 5 Seattle Attractions

Seattle has a lot going for it in terms of atmosphere, shopping and culture, but we also found time to enjoy the tourist attractions in the city. The following is my top five list, based on the places I visited. There are loads more things I’d like to see one day, but these are the ones which won out based on the time we had.

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A Ridiculously Long Walking Tour of Seattle

We love exploring a city on foot, but sometimes we take things too far. On the plus side, this was a great way to get our bearings in the city, but if you fancy trying this walk out, then you should know it’s about six miles long, and you should wear comfier shoes than I did. Also, you should wait till things are open in the morning before you leave!

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The Ultimate Guide to Capitol Hill, Seattle

Deciding which area of Seattle to stay in was TOUGH! We eventually settled on Capitol Hill, because it was quite central and we wouldn’t have a car. I think it was a really good choice for us as there was a lot going on to keep us occupied, it was a young neighbourhood, but it wasn’t too busy. 

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