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MoMA – Art for a Rainy Day

On one particularly rainy looking day in New York, we decided to head over to MoMA for some arty tourism. We got a little lost on the way there, because I am incapable of understanding the seemingly simple road layout of Manhattan. I had great difficulty in remembering which streets and avenues I was meant to be heading for – strange how it became such an issue when numbers were involved – I normally have a very good sense of direction. Anyway, with the help of a kind businessman, we found the museum.

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Journey up the Empire State Building

I don’t really like looking like a tourist. Something of a problem when you’re standing outside the Empire State Building, feeling cornered into paying for optional extras on your trip to the top, when all you want to do is slink off to the normal queue and not have to deal with Michael, the most enthusiastic man alive, and while your boyfriend is no use at all, because he has been rendered partially deaf by the flu.

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An Afternoon in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

Inner city flea markets always intrigue me – I love the juxtaposition of the simple stalls and the skyscrapers. We discovered Hell’s Kitchen flea market by accident while walking around and were not disappointed. We spent a happy hour wandering around the stalls, feeling a bit sad that we couldn’t really justify buying anything too large and shipping it back home.

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