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Making the most of UK Bank Holidays in 2017

While a lot of people would love to travel full time, not everyone can afford to, and of course, some people are perfectly happy working full time and making the most of their annual leave. As I’m soon to be one of the latter, I’ve been busy looking at how I can use bank holidays to maximise my time off this year. Here are some of the best options for the year ahead.

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Travel Plans: Autumn/Winter 2016 Edition

I’ve decided that a challenge is in order. Not a particularly challenging one, but a challenge no less. I want to try and take a trip at least once a month for the next year. While I’d like to fit some new places in, I’m also keen to spend time getting reacquainted with some destinations which I haven’t visited recently. I’m not very good at setting dates in stone, so often I find that opportunities pass me by. As exciting as Brighton is, I do want to leave it every now and then!

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Travel Plans: 2015 Edition

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always got a lot of travel ideas for trips I’d like to take – I just don’t always seem to get round to taking them. This year, I’m hoping that making a list here will help to make a few of them happen, and if not, then I can always carry them forward to next year.

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