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A Wonderful Weekend in Bristol, Part II

After the success of day one, Bristol had a lot to live up to on our second day of exploration. Street art fans are in for a treat – Banksy grew up in Bristol. With his tongue-in-cheek take on anti-establishment art (both old and new) on display in various places across the city, taking a walking tour sounds like a brilliant way to spend a morning. You can find locations for some of the pieces in this article on the Visit Bristol website, or you could join one of the street are walking tours run by WHERETHEWALL.

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A Wonderful Weekend in Bristol, Part I

Bristol is Southern England’s second largest city (after London), and its rich maritime and social history make it a fascinating place to visit. It became the first city in the UK to win the European Green Capital award in 2015, and is also a Fair-trade City. Oh, and it’s my favourite city in the UK, so I really wanted to share our (fairly) recent visit with you.

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