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St Petersburg Metro Station Tour

I’ve never seen stations as beautiful as those on the St Petersburg metro. When Vlad visited London, he was a bit disappointed with the tube stations – he was expecting them to be much grander, and after visiting his city, I understand why. The magnificent metro stations of St Petersburg were designed as palaces for the people, and my goodness, the people got some lovely palaces.

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A Night at the Mariinsky Theatre

“Go on, just give her the tickets and walk through. Don’t say anything; now is not the time to practise your Russian. Don’t look in their eyes, they’ll know you’re not from here, and don’t smile for God’s sake!” said Vlad as he shoved me towards the lady holding court at the turnstile of the Mariinskiy Theatre in St Petersburg.

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Exploring the Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg

The Hermitage Museum was a must-see for us during our time in St Petersburg, especially as Vlad used to work there and could give us a guided tour. We were slightly concerned when he left us sitting by the entrance, and returned with just one ticket, but it turned out he was going to each booth in turn to buy tickets at Russian prices.

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