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Bruxelles Ma Belle

I’m angry. Brussels is my city. I lived there for five years. I have many friends there. For the first time since the London bombings on 7th July 2005, I’ve spent a day texting, calling, emailing and messaging friends to make sure they’re still alive. I’ve spent a day glued to the live feed of various news websites.

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Foire du Midi, the World’s Best Dual-Carriageway based Fun Fair

Once a year, when most people have packed up and gone on holiday for two months over the summer, Brussels closes a quarter of the ring road around the centre of the city and sets up a gigantic fun fair. It’s called Foire du Midi, because it’s a fair, and is based close to the Bruxelles Midi station. I think they do it because nobody is protesting around the European Quarter and they don’t want people to get bored.

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