I know I haven’t been very present on the blog of late, but that should all be changing now as I have shifted my focus to the things I love (travelling and writing) and away from the things which I don’t (being stressed out of my mind). I know, I know, easier said than done, but for the most part I am managing it quite well.


Upcoming blog posts…

Although nothing has made it as far as the blog yet, I have been travelling. In fact, I think I actually managed to follow through on all of my plans for Summer 2016. I’ll be following up on all of those trips here, as well as adding a few extra bits and pieces I’ve been planning for far too long.

Actually, tell a lie! I’ve already blogged about Bath 🙂

At the moment, I’m only five months behind with writing up my trips, which is pretty good going for me. It does make things awkward when I really want to be telling you about things which I’ve done in the past week though, so I’ll be working to get the backlog down.

Georgian architecture in Bath
Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol
Glorious Edinburgh
The Languedoc region of France

Upcoming trips…

I’ve decided that a challenge is in order. Not a particularly challenging one, but a challenge nonetheless. I want to try and take a trip at least once a month for the next year. While I’d like to fit some new places in, I’m also keen to spend time getting reacquainted with some destinations which I haven’t visited recently.

I’m not very good at setting dates in stone, so often I find that opportunities pass me by. As exciting as Brighton is, I do want to leave it every now and then! A monthly trip doesn’t sound too difficult to accomplish, so I’m hoping this will provide me with the push I need to get out and book things. I’ll be trying to keep things as cheap as possible, too, so that will add another dimension to the challenge (I love a budget).


Luxembourg in September

Let’s pretend that this post is being published in September, when I first came up with my challenge, eh? My friend Marthe has moved to Luxembourg for a year, so it seemed like the perfect time for me to revisit this little country. Ben was more than happy with the plan, as he hadn’t been and he is apparently now trailing behind me in the list of countries he’s visited.

We imposed on Marthe for the weekend, but Le Royal Luxembourg looks fancy!

Luxembourg City

Gran Canaria in October

This holiday cannot come soon enough. We booked it in the middle of August, at which point October seemed quite close. Spoiler alert: Despite years now taking an average of two minutes to pass, two months is ages. We’re staying in the Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort, and I am SO EXCITED! While it might be nice to get out and explore the island a bit, we’re both in need of relaxation, so we may end up lying by the pool for five days solid.

Take a look at the Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort here

Sheraton Salobre Gran Canaria

Yorkshire in November

Given I have an auntie and uncle in Yorkshire, and therefore free accommodation, this was one of the easiest plans to put together. Ben was happy to come along with me to check out the Christmas market in York, and now my mum and stepdad have decided to join us, we can even save on the petrol money!

St Denys Hotel in York looks flipping lovely!

York Waterfront

Lisbon in December

My friend claims there will be a Christmas market on in Lisbon the weekend we are there. I’ve yet to find any evidence of this, but I’m looking forward to the trip anyway. I’ve only ever been on a beach holiday to Portugal, so it will be great to see another side of the country. I am also keen to eat as many custard tarts washed down with vino verde as possible.

If you’d also like to see this imaginary Xmas market, then the Valverde hotel looks like a charming base!

Sunset over Lisbon

Photo credits: Gran Canaria, York, Lisbon

As you can see, I’m getting quite into this new ‘planning’ business. Do you plan your holidays, or just wing it and hope it all falls into place at the last minute?