I’m super nosy about what other people have packed to take on holiday with them, so I thought I’d join in the fun. Here’s my packing list from a recent trip to Bath and Bristol. I’m rubbish at packing and either forget something or end up throwing additional things in at the last minute, so this is as much for my benefit as anyone else.

The Trip

We left for Bristol and Bath on Friday morning and returned Sunday afternoon. The weather was quite warm but changeable. The plan was laid back sightseeing with a lot of eating and drinking in between.

Packing for a weekend in Bristol and Bath

The Packing

Not pictured:

  • 1 cardigan, added at the last minute in a panic (no longer available, but from Warehouse)
  • Underwear and socks
  • Pyjamas
  • Toiletries
  • Eyebrow pencil (MAC Spiked)
  • A book of sorts (Kindle Paperwhite)

The Results

My camera didn’t get used at all, because Ben was with me and was willing to take pictures I requested as well as the ones he was interested in. My Kindle also didn’t get any use, because I just didn’t have any time to read (we drove, so the journey was spent staring out the window trying not to feel sick).

The shoes weren’t a huge success as I came back with some blisters – I find the standard TOMS quite comfy but unsupportive, while these more structured shoes always hurt my feet in new and interesting places. I’d taken them along because they were smart enough to wear day and night, but I’m just going to have to find something more comfy or take two pairs of shoes in future.

I was glad I brought the cardigan along, because it turned out to be a bit warm for my coat most of the time.

Cover photo: Suitcases by Ørjan Laxaa