I love a good app, especially if it features a map and allows me to benchmark myself, so the TravelTracker app was right up my street. It enables you to highlight every country you’ve ever visited on a map, along with, and here’s the cool bit, every sovereign state and every US state!

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The app is easy to use – select your country from a list and it gets coloured in on the map. You can choose your colour scheme from a selection – I went for all the colours because I’m me. You can also turn that little location marker off, just in case you don’t want to be reminded of where you are!

And of course, there are stats! I’m sure my stats are low by travel blogger standards, but that’s cool. I’ve loved exploring the places I’ve been, and I’ve still got a whole world to discover.

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With any new release, there’s always room for improvement. In this case it’s in the form of adding new features – I’d love to be able to view one section of the world and export the images to my blog without having to take a screenshot. I also don’t think there’s a way to remove a country if you’ve selected the wrong one (but there’s a two step process for adding countries, so that’s not such a problem). I used the feedback button to make these suggestions, and I got a lovely email back saying that they would try and incorporate them into a later release.

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Do you keep track of the number of countries you’ve visited?

// I was involved in testing TravelTracker, but I haven’t been paid for this post – I just wanted to share my love for this cool app //

// It’s available on Apple devices for 99c. //