Sometimes you need to get off the sand for a bit, so here’s a list of my top 5 things to do in Colva, Goa which don’t involve the beach.

Visit Carpe Diem Café and Art Gallery

Alright, this one isn’t actually in Colva – it’s just up the road in the village of Majorda, but it’s a lovely place and ‘one thing to do in Majorda’ doesn’t have the same ring to it. Carpe Diem is a café and art gallery in a gorgeous old Portuguese building, which runs regular crafting classes which my dad and step-mum have attended.

While we were there, we browsed the exhibition running in the gallery, through the eyes of a goat, before having a look at the little gift shop and enjoying fresh juice and toasted sandwiches on the patio. It’s a really peaceful spot to sit and relax, and the couple who run it are absolutely lovely.

Carpe Diem, Goa
Carpe Diem, Goa

Pamper yourself at Neomis

On our last morning in Goa, we had a girlie trip to Neomis, the modern local beauty salon and hairdressers. After deciding on a pedicure and head massage, I was surprised that they were both done at once, and that all pedicures were done by men. While the guy sloughed away at my hard skin, a girl gave me a long and relaxing head massage which also took in my shoulders, arms and entire back. For both of those treatments, plus a shampoo and blowdry, I think I paid about 1300 rupees, including 100 rupees tip for each of the therapists. This was a really great way to end my holiday on a relaxing note.

Buy some cashew nuts for the folks back home

Goa has no shortage of shops selling cashews, and Colva is no exception – I’m sure I saw at least three shops dedicated to cashews in all their formats. If you are nuts for cashews, then you will probably also want to try out the local spirit, Feni. I enjoyed it as much as I enjoy most spirits, which is to say that I did not. If you’re not gin, then you can get out of my mouth.

Cashew Nuts, Goa

And while you’re at it, you might as well look in the other shops

There is also no shortage of tourist shops in Colva, as we discovered when we spent a couple of hours browsing for souvenirs one evening. I bought souvenirs for myself – a couple of modern looking striped pashminas, as well as a Goa t-shirt – has to be done, right?

Cashew Nuts, Goa

Head to Mickey’s for dinner

Mickey’s beachfront restaurant is also accessible by road. As we scoffed our dinner, we enjoyed fireworks and music care of the wedding which was taking place at the restaurant next door. A perfect end to a day in Colva.

Image credits: Cashews / Souvenirs