We’d hoped to visit the United Nations on a week day so that we could get a tour from our translator friend, but sadly rain stopped play, so we had to make do with a weekend trip to the gift shop.

The UN had a lot of signs up. The security procedures felt positively airportesque. However no liquids, not even a mini bottle of shampoo were allowed to pass into the building. Thank God we weren’t planning to stay inside for a week!

Signs at the UN building in New York
Signs at the UN building in New York

Inside the UN…

We were delighted to find not one, but two gift shops in the basement of the United Nations, not to mention a Post Office! On the ground floor there was also a place where you could have postage stamps printed with your own face! All of these places were staffed by crazy people, but we managed to pick up a good selection of tacky souvenirs, with the most exciting being a postcard of Kofi Annan for my mum (posted with a special UN stamp).

Obviously, I wasn’t going to leave that place until I’d got a stamp with my face on it. I’d assumed that it would be quite a professional arrangement, but instead it was an eccentric lady shouting and taking pictures with a point and shoot digital camera. The whole process was made more interesting because various members of a Chinese tour group kept wandering in and trying to go behind a mysterious curtain where she kept the printer. She told them there was a monster back there, but I don’t think they understood.

UN Facestamp

As we stood admiring our stamps (the quality of the above picture does them justice perfectly), one of the tour group came and had a close look with us. Presumably he was hoping to see the monster.

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