I don’t know about you, but when my Russian friend describes something as ‘excessively soviet’, I always want to go and see that thing immediately. As you might have guessed, this is why we stayed at communist-era behemoth and Intourist favourite, Hotel Moscow.

Hotel Moscow is huge, clean, and home to some very functional and reasonably priced rooms. The excessively soviet vibe was somewhat let down by the staff, who weren’t particularly rude, even when Vlad started an argument about whether or not they needed to take a copy of our passports.

Hotel Moscow Amenities

As I mentioned, this hotel is simply enormous!

It took ten minutes to get from reception to our room. Buried inside, you can find several restaurants and bars, a spa, a beauty centre, a gym, a giant stuffed bear, and an unexpected gift shop (where you can also buy stamps) on one of the floors.

In the same building, there is also a cinema, a shopping centre, a McDonalds and a Finnish discount supermarket. The latter is the perfect place to stock up on the Soviet Champagne you’ll be wanting to take home.

Hotel Moscow Location

Mockba (as we took to calling it) is located a bit outside of the very centre of town. However, it’s right next to the Ploshchad Alexandra Nevskovo metro station, which makes it easy to travel around the city. If you fancy a stroll, then it’s an hour to the Hermitage, 20 minutes to the Moscow train station, and 45 minutes to Gostinyy Dvor (10 minutes on the metro).

You can find out more about Hotel Moscow on TripAdvisor.

Have you ever been to St Petersburg? What hotels do you recommend?