I don’t know about you, but I’ve always got a lot of travel ideas for trips I’d like to take – I just don’t always seem to get round to taking them. This year, I’m hoping that making a list here will help to make a few of them happen, and if not, then I can always carry them forward to next year.

If you have any suggestions for things to do in any of these places, let me know!

North America – part I

New York

I will probably make a work trip to New York this year, so I will try and fit in a sightseeing weekend while I’m there. I’ve been before, but I’d like to see more of this exciting city.

My office is in the Financial District, so it will be nice to spend more time in Manhattan, and get some tips from my colleagues about everything I should see and do (and eat) during my spare time.

There’s quite a few hotels nearby, so it’s going to be tough to choose!

Washington DC

I’ve never been before, but as my boss is based in DC, I think this will be a part of the Great US Work Road Trip. I also have a friend who lives there, so I’m hoping I can rely on her to give me a tour of the main sights!

Some of these hotels look pretty swish!




Since my first visit to Paris for my fifteenth birthday, I’ve loved the city and returned at any opportunity. Ben lived there for a few years growing up, which is something I will be eternally jealous of!

It’s been a few years since we last visited, and we’re both really keen to go back. We’re planning to go for my birthday in April.

I’m fairly sure we’re going to stay in Hotel Fabric – it looks amazing!


My family are Irish. I learnt to walk there. And yet, I haven’t been back for five years. Time to remedy that! I’d like to visit Cork, which is where my granny is from, but I think we will take some time and drive around exploring more of the country, because Ben has only ever been to Dublin.

Here are some options for hotels in Cork 

North America – part II


I travelled to Seattle to visit friends last year. As one of those friends has just moved there permanently, I think I might be making a return trip earlier than I’d anticipated. This time around, I’d like to get out of the city and explore Olympic National Park. I’ve just read that it dominates the thumb of Washington’s mitten, which might just be the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m not a fanpire, but I do think a visit to Forks would be absolutely fascinating!

Kalaloch Lodge in Forks looks awesome!


I hate flying long haul for a short trip, so I’m intending to make a bigger adventure of our journey to the west coast. We’re big fans of street food, so eating will definitely be on the to do list, as well as the Shanghai Tunnels. The Shanghai Tunnels run under Chinatown, and in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, were apparently used to kidnap local men and sell them on as slaves.

I’m not even sure which area of Portland to stay in


Last time I visited Seattle, my uncle suggested we try and take some time in Vancouver, too. We couldn’t fit it in on our last trip, but this time around it’s definitely going into our travel plans. I would love to go on a floatplane, see a whale or two, and visit Capitano Suspension Bridge Park.

L’Hermitage Hotel in Vancouver looks lovely



After living in Brussels for five years, it’s hard not to return regularly. This trip will likely be more about catching up with friends than sightseeing, but I’m sure I’ll find some new things to do.

I think we’ll stay with friends, but I’ve always wanted to stay in Hotel Pantone (down our old road!)


I keep hearing such amazing things about Iceland (not least from my Icelandic friends), so I really want to visit soon. My friend Karl will roll his eyes in disgust, but I’m veeeery keen to visit the Blue Lagoon. I’d also like to see if it’s true that there aren’t any trees.

The Silica Hotel is located at the Blue Lagoon, just to send Karl over the edge.



Yes yes, I know this photo is of St Petersburg, but our Russian friend lives in Moscow now, so we’ll be heading there. I mean, what is the point of making the effort to learn Russian if I don’t get to speak it?

Hotel Metropol Moscow has won a TripAdvisor Travellers Choice award in 2016.



We’ve been invited to a friend’s wedding in Fyn in October – yay! Obviously we’re looking forward to celebrating with them, but it will be nice to do a bit of sightseeing while we’re there. I think we’ll fly into Copenhagen, so it would be rude not to take a little look around, wouldn’t it?

Fyn looks like something out of a fairytale, dotted with castles, and I can’t wait to see if Copenhagen is as cool as people say it is.

I really like the look of Hotel Alexandra in Copenhagen

Fyn in Denmark - magical!


Brighton and Hove

I love to travel to different countries, but I’m also really excited about seeing more in our home base of Brighton and Hove this year.

I live here, but if you’re looking for somewhere to stay when you visit, Artist Residence Brighton is in a great location by West Pier.

Image sources: DCParisIrelandPortlandVancouverIcelandDenmark

New York and Brighton images by Ben / Seattle, Brussels and St Petersburg images by me

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